Who do Brides recommend for video?

The spectacle, the quaint celebration however you choose to live out your Wedding day it’s bound to tell a unique story that reflects upon you as the Bride and Groom. To relive that story later we need to simply hire a videographer right?

O, it’s not that simple is it? Just click local Videographers on the Knot for Tulsa and find there are 49 options currently! We wanted to make things a little more simple and listen to three Brides who were married at Camp Loughridge, Dresser Mansion, and The Hidden Porch.

Here’s simply what they had to say.


'Very professional and creative. I love how affordable they are and we love the quality of our video as well. "South Street" did a great job at leading my husband and the guys to get the perfect shots for the best video. He captured our day in a beautiful way, and now we're able to relive our wedding every time we watch our video.' 



"I highly recommend South Street Vizuels Wedding Films! I've watched the video over and over and each time I notice something different. If anyone is debating on spending the money on a videographer, do it! It captures all the sweet moments of your special day that you can go back in years from now and remember. South Street Vizuels is wonderful to work with. They were extremely respectful and felt like guests at the wedding. You can see from my video they did an unbelievably great job!"


 "My friend hired South street vizuels to do our wedding as a wedding present, and I am very glad she did! The footage they were able to capture on our special day was perfect, and I am so glad we had them. They blended in with everything, never in the way. The highlight videomade my whole family cry. I would definitely hire them for any occasion."


Like I had said, Simple. I wanted to keep things incomplex with only three brides’ recommendations for video and that was for South Street Vizuels. South Street is known for producing Seriously Beautiful Wedding Films without a ton of hassle. They have polished their creative process to produce even better work then ever before and want to give you a Free Ebook with 5 simple questions to help you find your perfect Videographer.

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