features offered in every one of our films

Professionally Recorded Audio!

When it comes to Wedding ceremonies there is one thing that you absolutely do not want to miss, your Vows!The only thing worse than missing the vows is to record bad Audio of the Vows. To make sure that we get the very best recording of your vows we enlist the help of a dedicated Audio Engineer whose sole focus during the Ceremony is getting the best recording possible. This is a Big detail that is too often overlooked.

Why have a Wedding Film if you can not hear the largest promise of your life?

A Plan for your Whole Video!

We truly believe in being prepared! Two weeks before the Ceremony we like to go over all the details that you specifically want and add these to our Shot list. From that plan we shoot and craft your film. We take the best parts of the day especially the greatest moments of the ceremony and compile it into your exclusive Wedding Film.

"All things are ready, if our minds be so."
    — William Shakespeare

Professional Cinematic Edit!

Every one of our 3 video packages are professionally edited to our SSV Creative Team standards which we continually push further. All Films have custom tailored Intro titles that reflect your actual Weddings theme. If you have a schedule or any design work we base the look off of this. We put a huge focus into the details which we believe truly matters.

"We think in generalities, but we live in detail."
  –– Alfred North Whitehead

We Deliver the Best!

We deliver your film polished and in either a custom DVD packagae or flash drive with your names and wedding date lazer etched into the side. We deliver the film with a custom menu in HD at 1080P, not simply 720.

We choose to give you the best we possibly can!

The Perfect Music

We are very precise when it comes to the background music that we allow into your film! We focus on having a highly customized track that fits the two of you on your Wedding Day, not someone else. 

Not every piece of music lives up to the epic story of your lives! 

There is the Care that we put into Each of our videos.

In our experience we have seen a lot of different types of Wedding Films and we want to continue to be known to produce the most inspiring and engaging videos possible. If you would like to know more about how the process works from day one to the Honeymoon drop us a line at our Contact page. We would love to know more about how we can serve you with your very own Wedding Film. Check in to see the latest Work and look for our Blog coming soon!