Dresser Mansion Quaint, Elegant Charm

Nestled in the hills surrounding downtown Tulsa is one of the most inspiring venues in the Tulsa area. As a videographer I look for unique backdrops, natural light rooms and a setting that simply makes you smile when you pull up to the venue. Dresser Mansion has captured all of these features with a style that is simply it's own.


The front steps are a great place for the family photos that show just the right touch of elegance for a family portrait. The gate that leads to the courtyards is an awesome location as well for some larger photos & parties.


The Courtyard seems as though it were made specifically to accommodate outdoor weddings. The lawn and backdrop of the mansion produce the perfect setting for not only the vows but a truly memorable sight for any pictures or video.



In the Bride's room the interior decorating prowess of Pauline Dresser can still be seen today. One of my favorite details about Dresser Mansion is the hidden closets inside the Bride's Room wall. These drawers offer such a unique backdrop for detail and ring shots as well. These are hidden in the blue walls next to the bed. The perfect spot to get your makeup done is attached to the bridal suite on the west side. This room has an amazing amount of windows which helps not only photos and video but aids the makeup artists as well!


The Groom's room is right down the hall and offers a relaxing space with just enough room for men to be men and relax comfortably. It might not have the same delicate touch that the Bride's room offers although it seems to fit the persona much greater. An alternate area for the groomsmen downstairs offers a true touch of class as this used to be known as the Library. At one time this secretly held a bar in it's walls.  


Dresser Mansion is a fantastic venue that offers much more than simply a place to host a wedding. It becomes the place where a lifetime's dream comes true.


Dresser Mansion is one of our favorite venues to film events at in Tulsa. If you're getting married at Dresser Mansion or even another venue in Tulsa then Contact us below and let's see if we're available for your date!