Top 5 planning tips for a Summer Wedding

Summers, they really are a beautiful thing. When you combine this with your wedding day it is a formula to create the best day of your life. Make the most of your Summer wedding with these 5 wedding planning tips.

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//1 Keep it cool

Keep your guests hydrated. This sounds so elementary right? Well with all of the plans, planning, flowers, photos, video, arrangements, timelines, dances, dj, venue and then the one you’re going to marry this simple thing can slip through the cracks. When the blazing sun burns down it cares not for whether you do or do not you have a cold beverage, it will toast you regardless. Furthermore, refreshments don’t have to contain the word infused. There has been an upswing in cucumber infused water and some simply like it and some don’t. To simplify things what if one of the things you offer is simply Cold ice water. It’s easy, refreshing and helps to fight heat exhaustion surprisingly well.

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//2 Metal or plastic?

Metal chairs look amazing, they can bring another level of sophistication to your event but if you’re not careful, the timing can be bad. I know hitting your vision is
popular but it’s important to think about your guests on this one. Depending on the month this can literally burn someone leaving them with a slightly less sympathetic view towards you. This also ends up with you being the bride who unintentionally burned someone - let’s play it safe and skip that life accomplishment!

//3 Keep your artists

Summers are magical, there’s an energy unlike any other season with life, late nights and lots of heat.
Those higher temperatures can leave you leaning towards unloading a full stick of deodorant in a day
just to battle the sweat. Well, according to how crazy your wedding day is it could really help to have
your makeup artist on standby at least til the reception starts. One thing is for sure, no one likes running makeup so if there’s a problem and they’re still there-they could fix it.

//4 Think light

There’s a lot of amazing dresses in the world and there’s one that works best for you in the Summer.
Obviously every topic here will be heat related so I’m sure you know where I’ll be making my point.
Don’t get caught on a dress with heavy fabric. The lighter the fabric, the happier the bride and not to
mention the photo options when you have a dress with lighter fabric. 1. You’re cooler and 2. you might
be able to capture the dress spinning or falling which automatically hoists your wedding to the rank of magical.

//5 Keep it shady

For once in your life think shady. Plan on having you, the Bridal party and all of the guests out of the sun as much as humanly possible. Flowers wilt and people tend to act the same when they’re in direct sunlight for too long. Trust me! No one wants to stay lined up in a group photo for too long while the sun is slowly melting your soul. The more you plan for the shade, the more the overall temperament will improve for your Wedding.

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