Happiness is…

It was noon on a Saturday when this all started. The plan was set, the gear in place and it was time to hit record that very first time. This day I wasn't starting at a Salon or some Swanky hotel. We were in the laid back, sip some tea, sit on your front porch and enjoy the day type area. Better yet, we were in the country where house after house was the next relative just like the last. Besides the beauty of the area there was an equal appreciation for all of this family in a state of unity. There was peace and it was marvelous. I drew together my thoughts as I transitioned back into reality to begin. No one was dressed up, just casual like the present mood. It was a nice breezy Saturday in Oklahoma after all. I made sure I had a smile on my face when I began to say "tell me how you guys first met". 

 They both went into their novella each stopping each other and adding little tidbits of insight as to what they were thinking or a specific detail that might have failed to be told to the other. Still in a spirit of fun all the while. They would look at the camera spitting out half a phrase and turn back to the other with a smile. Happy to be reliving such an amazing moment. I couldn't help but to be entertained. After experiencing all of this from behind the camera I couldn't help but notice, they are genuinely happy! They have something to laugh at, smile about and generally have fun with each other over.  They seemed to be in a state of happiness and not simply happy.

What if Happiness is a state rather than emotion? What if we can Focus on that state and choose whether or not we have joy in our own lives? For our sake, for the ones we care about and for our friends? 
What if we could be Happier?


Happiness is one of our favorite emotions to capture. It is hard to fake and for most it seems even harder to capture! For more information on how we could capture any part of the happiness in your lives Contact Us here and we would love helping you in any way we could!

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