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We simplify your Wedding Film so you don't have to 

All we ask is


1. Show Up

2. Look Good

3. Smile

Here’s how we’ve helped other Couples just like you.


You Might Be Saying…


+ I won’t care to relive my wedding day

Are you willing to bet your future on it? One of the biggest regrets we hear from Brides is not hiring a videographer.

+ My pictures alone will be good enough

There’s quite a bit that Photos don’t capture with the Vows being the most prevalent.

+ Video & Photo seems like too large of a crew

Professionals aren’t just skilled at their craft but giving you the space you need. We’ve heard multiple times that our brides felt like they forgot we were there while still capturing everything they wanted.

+ I feel nervous in front of a video camera

We really try to blend into the background and ensure you guys are relaxed. We give you the room you need and the coaching if needed. We truly have a lot of experience making brides feel composed.


'"South Street" captured our day in a beautiful way, and now we're able to relive our wedding every time we watch our video.' -Alida


"If anyone is debating on spending the money on a videographer, do it! It captures all the sweet moments of your special day that you can go back in years from now and remember." -Suzanne


"I am so glad we had them. They blended in with everything, never in the way. The highlight video made my whole family cry. I would definitely hire them for any occasion." -Jamilla

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